Madagascar the red island


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Since long sold out, but recently found small stock in English and French. 1995 edition – 159 pages and many coloured illustrations.

Madagascar, the Red Island, embarks on a fascinating journey across the varied regions of this singular island continent. En route one will meet a world of prehistoric flora and fauna, and a people who cherish their colourful, cultural heritage.

For years Madagascar has remained a mystery to the outside world. It has only been recently that this unique island has attracted foreign travellers. The countries largest attraction is its nature, over 90 percent of which consists of animals and plants that can only be found in Madagascar. Less conspicuous but nevertheless equally as interesting, are the numerous rituals and ceremonies of the Malagasy people. Madagascar, the red island, reveals the world of vibrant festivals  that form a part of such ceremonies at the reburial of the dead, the rituals of circumcision and the coronation of kings.

The seven chapters of the book set forth some of the many faces of this beautiful country and attempt to convey the feeling of enchantment that would be felt by the traveller to this ‘red continent’. In addition it stands as a valuable reference work with over 300 colour illustrations, maps, glossary and indices.

Available in English and French.


Some books are a real pleasure to own – they just exude quality, Madagascar, in its English edition is one of these. All 160 pages contain just the right mixture of outstanding photographs and text about this island continent.”

Bruce Malay in the British Cactus and Succulent Journal.

Absolutely fabulous and the best all around book I have ever seen on Madagascar.”

Monique Rodriguez, Cortez Travel, USA

The color photography is lush and beautiful. The writing is superb. An exquisite coffee table companion book to W. Rauh’s Succulent & Xerophitic Plants of Madagascar.”

Chuck Everson of Rainbow Gardens Bookshop.