Yucca carnerosana no. 24 210 cm trunk 115 cm


Very robust, hardy species from the central part of the Chihuahua desert. This plant comes from the area around Tula in the state of Tamaulipas, northeastern Mexico. This species can reach a height of 6 m and has a heavy and thick trunk. Is closely related to the Yucca faxoniana, but has more white “hair” and the leaves are shiny green while those of the Y. faxoniana are matte green. Y. faxoniana also grows more northerly in the Chihuahua desert than Yucca carnerosana.

The trunk is cut but the new leaves will largely cover the trunk as they grow in nature. However, the leaves in the culture stay green longer.

Planted out in the garden, the plant needs little care and is absolutely hardy. Also great for a balcony or terrace, but then he does need regular fertilizer. Rarely offered and very decorative. When planted in the garden, the crown can grow up to 120-130 cm in diameter.

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